The Literally Christmas Gifts Guide For Your Family

The Literally Christmas Gifts Guide For Your Family

This Christmas Think Books!

Are you looking for something a bit different to give your Grandad this year other than socks and a scarf? Are you on a tight budget? Are you seeking inspiration for the Secret Santa at your children’s nursery?

Literally PR has created the ultimate gift guide to suit the tightest of wallets and laziest of shoppers for Christmas 2013. The majority of our suggestions are available from Amazon for under a tenner.

The This Christmas Think Books Campaign aims to increase the appeal of books as a thoughtful, traditional, feel-good gift. We’re currently conducting a survey about what people think of books as Christmas gifts. Our research so far tells us that a child in your family is most likely to be the lucky recipient of a book as a Christmas pressie (81%), almost half of respondents receive an average of two books every Chrimbo and 82% of you believe the most appealing thing about buying a book as a Christmas gift is that it makes the recipient happy!

For copies of the books to give away as prizes or for review, or to interview an author, or Helen Lewis, director of Literally PR about the This Christmas Think Books Campaign, please contact:

For your troublesome teen…£6.99

Imran Siddiq’s The Divided Worlds Trilogy

Disconnect, Disassemble and Disrupt were published in January and July 2013 and have been attracting a fast-growing, loyal fan base ever since. The sci-fi thriller with romance trilogy (suitable for young adults) is set in 2340AD and begins by introducing lead character Zachary Connor’s life in the Wastelands of Underworld. Book One is currently FREE on Amazon Kindle.

For your gorgeous grandpa…£9.99

Jess Miller’s 100 True or False Fishing Stories is a semi-autobiographical collection of 100 short stories providing insight into Jess Miller’s incredible fishing life, from boy to man, during a time when huge runs of spring salmon existed in Scotland. The book also supports Atlantic salmon & trout conservation organisations across the UK, USA and Canada. Readers can enter the free online competition to guess the 10 stories that are not true for a chance to win salmon fishing, fishing equipment, angling books and much more:

For your cousin the tricky tweenager…£7.62 on Amazon

Abiola Bello’s Emily Knight I Am… is a children‘s book that crosses over to YA. Set in a fictional world where teleportation and fireballs are the norm. Emily is a thirteen year old warrior; the press’s favourite problem child. She’s the daughter of legendary warrior, Thomas Knight and the sister of Warrior Champion, Lox Knight. She lives with her godparents and their four foster children in Legends Village. When Emily’s powers become uncontrollable she is sent to the Osaki Training School to control her powers. She learns to fly, breathe under water and play Dojo.

The front cover illustration by Giles Greenfield (who also illustrated JK Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire book cover) has attracted praise for standing out in a market dominated by ‘mainstream’ images aimed at a teenage audience. The author is currently finalising the second book…due out in 2014.

For your Auntie the environmentalist…£8.99

Daron Sheehan’s The Socrates Project is the ultimate adventure sci-fi visionary thriller.

The Socrates Project is a secret attempt by the United Nations to avert the predicted collapse of our civilisations. Simon Oceandis heads up the sicads, who must blend modern science and ancient wisdom to find the solutions before time runs out. Not everybody welcomes the Project. An influential secret society plots to discredit and destroy the sicads. Torn between the love of a beautiful scientist and a fiery tribeswoman, Simon discovers an exotic world of adventure and wonder. To find the answers to save humanity, he must undergo a deep inner journey, yet his life becomes a frantic race for survival…

Is it happening? Could it happen? Should it happen? Decide for yourself! Live the story…


For your brother the F1 fan…£6.71 on Amazon

Julia Wurz’s Formula One fiction: SuperEgo has attracted the attention of The Times to the New York Times and received praise from F1 stars.

Essex-born Julia Wurz ran the Press Office for the Benetton Formula 1 Team, which became Renault F1. Dedication above and beyond the call of duty led her to marry her colleague, the Austrian race driver Alex Wurz, and to make the tough decision to move from the Cotswolds to Monaco. Her first-hand experience of F1 life inspired her to write SuperEgo, a fictional story with “exaggerated characters containing various elements of different people I’ve worked with and met over the years”.

For your best friend (woman)…£9.09 on Amazon

Jenny Garrett’s Rocking Your Role sets out to go beneath the surface of what it means to be a Female Breadwinner and drags women kicking and screaming out of the closet. This book doesn’t only provide practical tips and case studies, but is a ‘how to’ in the form of tried and tested transformational activities and reflections to guide Female Breadwinners to success. Jenny says that being the main earner is still a taboo subject for women. This means that women face the challenges of being breadwinner in silence, such as: guilt, managing money, society’s assumptions, family life, career and life balance.

“I want every female breadwinner to recognise they have support and not feel isolated. I want them to stand tall and proud in their skin and celebrate their situation,” says Jenny. This is book is based on real life and provides a practical framework for female breadwinners to be successful. The women reading it can practically tailor it to their own situation. Being the female breadwinner is the trigger, catalyst and cause for many complex issues that women have to manage. Jenny believes that these must be addressed for their physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

For the aspirational student…£10.34 on Amazon

Vanessa Vallely’s Heels of Steel tracks the trials and tribulations of one of “the most networked women in the City” and how she left London’s East End aged 15 to find her fortune in London’s financial district. Despite her doubters and purely through hard work, grit and determination she manages not only work her way up to what is commonly known as C-suite, but to build two successful businesses alongside her corporate career.

The book provides an honest and transparent insight into the world of corporate women and addresses the challenges facing every woman throughout their career journey and tackles our never-ending search for balance.

Heels of Steel is packed to the brim with tips, advice and practical steps based on real life experiences, this autobiographical story is also a practical guide that will fast become a must-read for anyone seeking to not only survive the corporate jungle, but stand some chance of thriving in it!


For your uncle the history fan…£2.98 (Kindle)

Scott Addington’s World War One: A Layman’s Guide

This guide has been written specifically for people with little or no prior knowledge of the First World War and will be an ideal introduction to what can be a very complicated and daunting subject. Written in an engaging way, this is more like a chat down the pub rather than a heavy historical text, and with short, sharp chapters it is very easy to dive in and out without having to re-read the previous five pages in an effort to remember where you left off last time your were reading. Despite this easygoing nature this is not a flimsy piece of work. Made up of 53 chapters, all the major aspects of The First World War are covered.

For your Auntie…£6.99 on Amazon

Tom Barry’s When The Siren Calls is a story of seduction, deception and betrayal…When restless and neglected Isobel is invited to an idyllic Tuscan retreat owned by the suave and streetwise Jay, she imagines a life of excitement outside her stagnant marriage. Despite fear and guilt, she abandons herself in a passionate love affair, but is soon trapped in a web of feminine manipulation, business intrigue, and ruthless ambition, while controlling Jay encourages conservative Isobel to push beyond her sexual boundaries.

For the foodie in your family…£10.52 from Amazon

Goodness Me It’s Gluten Free! by Vanessa & Mary Hudson

This double Gourmand Award winning gluten-free cookery book has been written for the millions of people with Coeliac Disease around the world, so you can live life to the full and eat what you fancy (including chocolate brownies, scones, bread and lemon meringue pie) before and after diagnosis. Isn’t one of life’s simplest pleasures eating food that is not only beautiful to look at but more importantly packed so full of flavour that each bite is a delight to the taste buds? Do you feel that being on a gluten free diet means you have to miss out? The recipes in Goodness Me it’s Gluten Free have been created so that gluten free baking will once again tickle your taste buds. Not only that, we have made it so simple and easy that anyone can do it, even if you have never baked before.

Think of Nigella Lawson or Jamie Oliver’s style but gluten free, with every day ingredients and on a budget!

For the one who likes to laugh out loud…£3.75 from Amazon

Clare Macnaughton’s ‘A Modern Military Mother: Tales from the domestic frontline’ is all about the life, reflections and rants of military wife Clare Macnaughton. Sometimes funny, sometimes sad and sometimes crazy, this is a quick and easy read. A literary light snack!

For the sailing supremo…£7.99 from Linen Press Books

Lynn Michell’s Shooting Stars Are The Flying Fish Of The Night

When Edinburgh couple Lynn Michell and Stefan Gregory and their 23-year-old son, Louis, set out to sail across the Atlantic on their 48ft Cardinal yacht, they knew not to expect plain sailing all the way. But they didn’t expect a weeklong ordeal off the coast of New England, which would test them all to their limits before their journey was well begun. And things became worse still as the punishing conditions threatened to cause a relapse of the chronic ME from which Louis and Lynn had both suffered.

The story of their 3,000-mile journey, its trials and triumphs, is told with honesty and humour in Shooting Stars are the Flying Fish of the Night, written by Lynn and Stefan. The book interweaves their separate accounts of the voyage, which at times differ radically. “It has been in the making for a number of years,” says Lynn, a writer who runs Edinburgh-based publisher Linen Press. “When we put our two accounts together they didn’t quite match up, but we did finally agree a version we are both happy with.”

For the pregnant Mum, new parent or medical buff…£6.49 from Amazon

Professor Griffith’s The Stealth Virus

Although you may never have heard its name, there is a good chance that you, your family and your friends have encountered it. After you have heard The Stealth Virus tell its own story, its victims are given a voice too. This book describes how CMV is being confronted and introduces the researchers who will defend us against its insidious and sometimes devastating consequences. This book brings medical virology to life. It is dedicated to those who have encountered The Stealth Virus and to those who have declared war upon it. All proceeds from sales of The Stealth Virus go to the Royal Free Charity.

For your favourite drama queen (or king)…£7.99 from Amazon

Davina Elliott’s Chewing The Scenery, Climbing The Curtain and Storming The Stage, also known as The Judith Gold Trilogy, have received rave reviews from in and out of London’s Theatreland due to its curious leading lady (the elderly, loud-mouthed, rather eccentric Judith Gold) and its humorous insight into the colourful world of theatre. Author, Davina Elliott, currently working behind the scenes on the new London production From Here To Eternity, has spent the past 25 years of her theatre career working backstage on many of the leading London shows as producer, personal assistant and dresser. Davina’s story-telling skills have attracted critical acclaim from seasoned actors in Theatreland and are shared among theatre students to inspire the next generation with a refreshing and humorous insight into what really happens behind the scenes.


For perfect little pre-schoolers…£5.98 from Amazon

AJ Foxx’s Mr Hendrix series of children’s picture books includes the perfect Christmas present Mr Hendrix and the Half Eaten Mince Pie.

Anji Foxx and her mother, Jennifer, were inspired to create the Mr Hendrix series of picture books for young children (up to 6 years) after a lifetime of sharing stories together and, more recently, writing creatively. Hendrix, Anji’s Pomeranian puppy attracts attention wherever he goes and is particularly popular with young children.

For your Dad…£9.99 from Amazon

Professor Jonathan Waxman’s MacLeod’s Introduction To Medicine: A Doctor’s Memoir is the founder of Prostate Cancer UK’s third fictional publication. This new book is a collection of medical stories based on the epic career of MacLeod, its foolish hero. MacLeod’s Introduction to Medicine is a chronicle of occasional humour, and the names of the characters have not been changed to protect the innocent. All the stories are based on reality and come from a time when the practice of medicine was not inundated with tales of bullying and scapegoating, where the lives of doctors, nurses and patients were not buried under targets and when the idiotic landslide of the internal market was on the other side of the mountain. It was only a little while ago that there was no overwhelming bureaucracy in the National Health Service and all who worked for the health of their charges did so with Joy, who was a lovely woman.

For your marvellous Mum…£12.72 hardback book from Amazon

The Athena Doctrine by John Gerzema and Michael D’Antonio

Women don’t yet rule the world, but people around the globe sure wish they had more influence on business, government, and every other aspect of modern life. Among 64,000 people surveyed in thirteen nations, two-thirds said the world would be a better place if men thought more like women. The sentiment was the same across the planet: we’ve had enough of the winner-takes-all, masculine approach to getting things done. It’s time for something better. Inspired by their data, John Gerzema and Michael D’Antonio travelled the world to uncover stories of women and men who lead innovative organisations with the skills and values commonly associated with women. By emphasising cooperation, communication, and sharing, these pioneers succeed in a super-connected world. In The Athena Doctrine, the authors show why femininity is the operating system of 21st century prosperity.

For media enquiries please contact Helen Lewis,

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